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Caramel Apple Pops: The rise (and possible fall)

A deep-dive on what makes them so popular

Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars exchanged in just a few weeks. An addiction the school is powerless to stop. This sounds like the illicit drug trade, but in reality it’s just a recurring event every fall. The sale of Caramel Apple Pops. Join me into a deep-dive interview with a former seller and 8th graders who’ve witnessed the tradition every year. 

But what are Caramel Apple Pops? Caramel Apple Pops are a type of candy manufactured by Tootsie Roll Industries since 1995, where they’ve been a bestseller nationwide. Contrary to popular belief, the standard Caramel Apple Pops are not sold only in the fall, only the other varieties are. However, the staggering majority of pops sold are of the standard green apple flavor. Compared to other candies, Caramel Apple Pops are just as popular, yet you hardly find any other candy sellers in fall. 

To learn more about the history and specifics of the tradition, I asked various people, including two 8th graders and some former sellers.

Q: How long has the tradition been going on?

A: “I believe ever since 6th grade [two years ago].” said one. “It’s been going on ever since I entered the school. It starts around mid October, and is gone by mid November.” 

This isn’t a new phenomenon, as many think. But, it is abnormal how the candy suddenly  

Q: How much did each pop end up selling for?

A: “I sold them anywhere from 2-3 dollars each, depending on demand and my stock.” “I sold them for a dollar.” “I remember someone selling the green ones for 5 a dollar, and the red and yellow ones for 2 a dollar.”

They don’t sell for cheap- so that can’t be why they’re so popular.

Q: Do you know any other sellers?

A: “I knew two other sellers on my bus. I also bought bags from a few people who had several bags at any time.”

And, the tart, green candy already is showing traits exhibited by real-life supply chains.

Q: Did this out-sell other candies and breath mints, like gum?

A:“Yeah, definitely, I knew other sellers that sell both caramel apple pops and gum, and they traditionally made more with caramel apple pops because gum doesn’t have that ‘status’ of a special, one-time thing.”

A bag of the famous green variety

The tart, green candy’s popularity baffled school administrators & teachers. It baffled me too. The original sellers are now in high school, so we can’t ask them. But, as I went back through my interviews, something caught my eye. “I…bought bags from a few people who had several bags at any time.” I compared this with how most trends start. “Individuals with fame have been at the forefront of creating fashion trends and setting the standards for various styles.”

While fashion trends are a different type, the rule still stands. Celebrities, or popular people, start trends by doing something never done often. All it may have taken was for one popular kid to purchase or sell the coveted pop, and before you know it, it spreads. The trend was most likely started by 8th graders, as they are the biggest and oldest and often make varsity in the school’s sports teams and Science Olympiad. It trickles down the social hierarchy from the popular 8th graders and their friends, to the whole of 8th grade, and then to the 7th and 6th graders. Because the trend established itself with 7th and 6th graders, they continued it the next year and the loop repeated. Sellers, at the same time, maintained a yearly stock (as the candy lasts for months before going bad) and advertised the candy at the forefront of their product lines. 

The caramel apple pop is the fruit of a plant that will never be uprooted, no matter how hard the school tries.

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Aarush Parikh
Aarush Parikh, Staff Writer
Aarush is a Staff Writer for Wredling's very own newspaper, The Wred Feather. This is his first year in the club and he has always dreamt of dabbling in journalism. He has extensive writing experience and loves to read, code, play piano and relax.

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