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Ugh, Tests Again?

The ups and downs of standardized testing
Ugh, Tests Again?

You’re sweating and tired, and your legs ache from sitting in a chair too long. The room is that eerie quiet-but-not-silent quiet, and the air is filled with the scratching of pencils on paper and the clacking of keys. Your head hurts because, for the last time, you don’t know the theme of whatever random text has appeared on your screen. You can hardly wait for lunch. But, wait! There’s still twenty minutes left of this seemingly neverending torture!

Many people would say that standardized tests are unnecessary punishment. Others would argue that they are important to see student progress. Some even sit in between. There are reasonable arguments behind all of these opinions. For example, if the standardized test takes a long time and gets the schedule switched around, depending on which periods you have which class, you might be able to skip a day of a class you don’t like. But even though you might not have to endure fitness day or demanding homework, there’s still that exhausting, uncomfortably long… test.

For many students and their families, testing seems to go on forever. By the time you finish the IAR, it’s time to start preparing for the i-Ready Diagnostics. Sixth grade student Aria Han says “Standardized tests are mandatory, but they’re not fun. I hate how they change up our schedules and leave out some of our classes.” seventh grader Hannah Sit said, “It’s nice because I don’t have to see classes I don’t like, but it’s also nice to have the structure of a normal schedule.” Although the schedule changes during standardized tests benefit many by skipping disliked classes, favorite classes also get switched around. Plus, it’s always confusing if 3rd period comes after 6th. One 6th grader said, “Standardized tests are good for helping people advance in knowledge, but a more creative way would be more effective, like an artistic project instead of just answering questions.” Tests could be more enjoyable if they involved interesting activities that required students to think outside the box. But even though tests are pretty annoying, they can also be helpful. ELA teacher Miss Metcalfe said, “Some aspects are good. It gives a baseline of where different students are on standards, but there are other factors that can alter results. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ situation.” While standardized tests help keep track of how students are doing, they’re not always entirely accurate. For example, if a person is sick while taking a test, they won’t be able to focus and will likely receive a lower score than they otherwise would have.

Although tests are important for tracking student progress, they still can give students a hard time. If you ever find yourself nervous about a standardized test, you can try these tips:

  • If you’re having trouble studying or taking the test, try taking some deep breaths to help.
  • If you know a test is coming up, make time to study and review the topics to refresh your mind.
  • If you’re worried you won’t do good, remind yourself that it’s going to be okay, no matter the outcome.
  • While taking the test, focus on one section at a time. It’s easier to complete a big task by breaking it up one part at a time.

So overall, tests can have both pros and cons. They can benefit teachers and students, yet also create stressful situations. Thanks for reading!


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Kaley Kujanski
Kaley Kujanski, Staff writer
Kaley Kujanski is a 6th grader at Wredling Middle School. Her favorite classes are math, ELA, and French. She enjoys reading, writing, playing violin, (she's really good) and building Legos.

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    Brooke RotterMay 21, 2024 at 11:57 am

    I agree that standardized testing is important, but can also be stressful. Great job on this article!