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What’s the deal with Stanley Water Bottles?

Love It or Leave It
Stanley water bottle

What’s the deal with the Stanley water bottles? From kids to adults, Stanleys are the must-have item on everyone’s wishlists. But, are Stanleys really worth it? The Stanley company came out with a simple beverage container that tapped into social media and turned the simplicity of the water bottle into a must-have accessory. The signature Stanley Cup, known for its large handle and unique straw, has been popularized by many social media stars, making it a favorite among eco-friendly and health-conscious communities worldwide.


  • Good Insulation and stays colD for up to 11 hours.
  • Very aesthetic colors and feel.
  • Fun accessoRies such as water bottle boots, straw covers, and water bottle charms.
  • Comfortable haNdles/material.


  • The Stanley company states, “Lead is inaccessible to consumers” but findings have revealed that there is a small amount of lead in the bottom of the cup.
  • Expensive – Worth average of $45 each.
  • HeavY to carry, heavy top increases the risk of spillage, big and clunky.
  • Not compleTely leak-proof.

Unscramble the code = Stanley’s are very _ _ _ _ _ _!

Comment the answer if you find it!

Despite Stanley’s cons, the company’s annual sales reportedly jumped from $75 million to $750 million in 2023 alone and are still going strong. No matter what the critics of Stanley say, nobody can deny the success of the company. 

Stanleys have made their stand in many teenagers hands today. Many middle-schoolers walk around with Stanleys and say, “I’ve been able to drink so much more water since I got a Stanley” (random student). But this water bottle isn’t the only one popular in today’s schools. A new company called Owoala is making its way in many schools as a simple water bottle with a sleek design that makes you look like a “koala” when you drink water out of it. The cap of the water bottle resembles the nose of a koala! Owala has already sold 50 million water bottles this year, making them a viable competitor to Stanley.

OWALA water bottles.


No matter what you believe about Stanley water bottles, water is water, so whatever receptacle you use, be sure to get your recommended daily amount!

Now that you know the facts, it’s time to answer the big question…



Stanley: Love It or Leave It?


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About the Contributor
Keya Patel
Keya Patel, Staff Writer
Keya is an 8th grader in Infinity. She is a very kind and caring individual. She loves writing about recent school news (appropriate gossip). Keya is a very creative individual and loves to know what is going on the school. Her birthday is May 28th and her favorite food is a big plate of crunchy tacos.

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  • M

    Ms. MalhanMay 19, 2024 at 12:20 pm

    Great article, Keya! You are always creative in your thinking. Also, I solved the puzzle: Stanley’s are “NERDY-T.” Like if you put tea in them, i stead of water, that would be laughable, right? Oh.. wait… maybe it was supposed to say “TRENDY”? Yeah- that makes more sense. I like the extra puzzle layer in your article!