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JoJo Siwa: What’s going on?

Lately, Jojo Siwa has been trending all over social media. Why is everybody talking about her? The girl we know from “Dance Moms” is famous for having her hair bow brand and iconic hair in a tight and high ponytail. But that changed when she took the carpet at the iHeart Radio awards this past month. Why all of a sudden did she make a drastic change to her appearance? Let’s take a closer look at the new Jojo Siwa.

As you know or may not know, Jojo Siwa is a 20-year-old self-proclaimed singer, dancer, and social media influencer. Recently she’s been all over social media. The reason for this is because of her new appearance and her current song, Karma, released on the 4th of April. Both of these things have caused some drama and reactions all around social media. Although JoJo Siwa has changed her look several times, this new look is the one to talk about.  


 There have been a lot of people talking about her new look and the drastic changes to her appearance has caught the attention of the public. 

Some people have said that she’s a copy of KISS. Many are offended that she would compare herself to KISS, as they believe she is not on the same level. For more context, KISS is a rock band formed in 1973 that consists of 4 members. The bassist and co-lead singer of KISS, Gene Simmons, disagrees. He totally approves of JoJo Siwa’s KISS-Inspired Red Carpet Outfit. In fact, he said, ‘She looks cool’!

Does their makeup look similar? If you want, comment and share your opinions below!

Let’s dive closer into her newly released song, Karma. As you may or may not know JoJo released her lead single, Karma, on April 5th which surprised the public and her fans. Critics were quick to make fun of the choreography. Surprisingly before the song was released JoJo gave a cautionary warning, “The following content is not made for children and may be disturbing or offensive to some viewers. It may contain sexual themes, violence, strong language, traumatic scenarios, and flashing lights. Viewer discretion is advised.” This shocked her audience, as her previous work was targeted at children and was very kid-friendly. and this is why people were surprised by the release of Karma.  Another criticism of the song is her choreography. Her choreography is quite simple, but when it was advertised on social media platforms like TikTok, people described her dancing as ‘dramatic.’ This led to speculation about whether the dance itself was bad or if it was just because it was performed by Jojo. The second option surprisingly appeared to be the right choice, when watching videos of her dancing alongside the music video actors they managed to make the choreography appear decent, Jojo, on the other hand, appeared rather goofy next to them.

What do you think about this new Jojo Siwa and the new song? If you want leave a comment and leave your opinion!


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Estefani Gutierrez is a Staff Writer for the WMS Newspaper Club- The Wred Feather.  She enjoys drawing and writing in her free time, She also likes cats, planting, reading books, and turtles.

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  • H

    Haileigh PrillMay 23, 2024 at 2:35 pm

    What a great article. I’ve heard so many things about her new song “Karma”. This really explained everything I had questioned.