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Which is better: Old or next years bell schedule?

And the pros and cons.
District 303

Most of us know that the D303 starts a new start and end time next year but what are the times?



(linked here)

 ∙Preschool (A.M.)- 8:20 and ends at 10:50.

∙Preschool (P.M.)- 11:50 and ends at 2:20.

∙Elementary- 9:05 a.m. and ends at 3:25. (Run time 6 hours and 20 mins.)

∙Middle school – 7:50 a.m. – 2:50 p.m. (Run time of 7 hours)

∙High school – 7:15 – 2:15.(Run time of 7 hours)


Things that people like.

Elementary school kids are happy because they start so late and they get to sleep in more.

Middle and high school students are thrilled because they get early release weekly on Wednesdays.

2 out of 30 prefer the new times. That’s 7% of kids looking forward to next year and will be happier.


Things people dislike

Some elementary school parents are mad because their school starts after work starts, so they will have no way of getting them to school.

Most middle school and high school students hate how early they have to wake up.

twenty-eight out of 30 kids prefer the current times over the new ones. That’s 93% of kids not looking forward to next year. Most students don’t like going to school as of now, the recent changes of schools in d303 are making kids miserable and having to wake up on a bad note every weekday. Kids who are beaten down on this would most likely be rude and disrespectful to peers on top of that their grades would most likely plummet.


There are reasons to love and hate both but what is your opinion?


So, what times are better?


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