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Gift Wrapping: Bag it or Wrap it?

How do you present your gifts?

The bow’s tied to your finger, the wrapping paper got ripped up, and your cat ran away with the tape. Do you simplify things and put the gift in a bag, or do you persevere through the stress of wrapping it? Many holiday traditions include gift giving, but it can be hard to decide how to present them.

Both ways of decorating a gift have ups and downs. A wrapped gift may look fancier, but it’s hard to actually get the paper to cooperate. Bagged gifts are way easier to package, but then you have a bunch of bags and they don’t really stack nicely. I’ve interviewed some students to see what they think on this topic.

How do you present your gifts?     

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How do you wrap gifts: Bag it or Wrap it?


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Aditya Patel: Bag it.

Rionna Jeffrey: Wrap it.


Sarah Stone: A bag takes less time and it’s easier to open.

Maddie Frey: It’s more fun to rip open, and a fun challenge to wrap.

What are the pros (good things) of this strategy?

Aditya Patel: It’s easier.

Rionna Jeffrey: It’s satisfying to rip the paper off.

What are the cons (bad things) of this strategy?

Sarah Stone: Some people think bags look lazy.

Maddie Frey: It’s time-consuming and the paper doesn’t cooperate sometimes.

What do you think? This situation could go both ways. There are good reasons for both sides. But no matter what the gifts look like, have a happy holiday! Be sure to vote!

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Kaley Kujanski
Kaley Kujanski, Staff writer
Kaley Kujanski is a 6th grader at Wredling Middle School. Her favorite classes are math, ELA, and French. She enjoys reading, writing, playing violin, (she's really good) and building Legos.

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