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Godong/Robert Harding
Boy lighting Hanukkah candles


Photograph of a Jewish menorah on a window ledge in Nazi Germany. Dated 1931

Hanukkah, a joyous Jewish festival, commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem during the second century BCE. This eight-night celebration commences on the 25th day of the Hebrew month, often dubbed the Festival of Lights. The ritual involves the nightly lighting of the menorah, a symbolic candelabrum. Beyond its historical roots, Hanukkah carries profound cultural significance in Jewish tradition. Miracles, resilience, and the symbolic triumph of light over darkness define the festival’s themes. Through generations, Hanukkah continues to weave a rich tapestry, fostering unity and reflection on the enduring values that have sustained the Jewish community, making it a cherished and timeless celebration.


In the radiant celebration of Hanukkah, the cherished dreidel game takes center stage as a vibrant tradition. Enthusiastic participants gather, spinning a lively four-sided top adorned with Hebrew letters, each narrating miraculous tales of the festival.

A dreidel, a four-sided, lively top used in the game, Dreidel.

This communal spectacle resonates with joy and togetherness, weaving a tapestry of shared experiences. Families and friends, bound by the radiant glow of Hanukkah lights, engage in this spirited activity that not only entertains but also fortifies the bonds defining the essence of the festive season.


The sufganiyot, a delicious treat eaten during Hanukkah

Culinary delights take a prominent role in the celebration, honoring history through flavorful offerings. Potato latkes and sufganiyot, both fried, echo the enduring oil miracle. The enticing aroma and rich taste of these dishes immerse participants in a sensory experience, forging a connection with the festival’s cultural and historical roots. Each bite becomes a delicious narrative, weaving tradition into a tapestry of culinary delight that resonates with the essence of celebration and remembrance.

Presents for Hanukkah, wrapped in blue paper and silver bows.

Modern Hanukkah celebrations often include small gift exchanges, especially among children. While not historically rooted, this tradition has become a cherished part of the festive experience, adding a contemporary layer of warmth and connection. In essence, Hanukkah is a holistic celebration, weaving cultural heritage, culinary richness, communal activities, and a timeless spirit of unity.

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