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Unblocked Games: A Snowy Tale of Elusion

They’re not what you think.
Unblocked Games: A Snowy Tale of Elusion

It’s so popular that students talk about it every day. A few have gone insane over it. Teachers simply don’t know what to do. No, this isn’t a maniacal cult, it’s just one of the many viral unblocked games this winter season. In this holiday edition of deep dive, help me investigate our most controversial topic yet through interviews, research and analysis. 

What are unblocked games websites? Well, simply put, unblocked game websites are websites that host a collection of small arcade games. They work by circumventing a firewall through various methods, such as disguising as something they aren’t. While the games in question are not very large, their impact can be huge. “A few days ago, I was supervising BSS, when I came across a very energetic kid.” said Ms. Malhan, one of many teachers who has witnessed the influence unblocked games have had. “He insisted upon showing me this game, and while I objected at first, I regressed into a tween, and tried it out.  It was a random sledding game, but kind of like Subway Surfer and Minion Run.  Within three minutes, I understood the addiction.  Then I remembered I was supposed to be strict and supervising a punishment, so I stopped.  But I also really stopped because every time I tried to accumulate gift boxes, my sled would crash, and my high score was only 6.” The game Ms. Malhan is talking about is one of many popular holiday unblocked games here at Wredling. In fact, it’s what we’ll focus on today, and for the purposes of the article we’ll call it “The Toboggan Game”.  

A student playing videogames on his school Chromebook. Credit: The PLD Lamplighter

These holidays, “The Toboggan Game” has taken the unblocked games scene by storm. Unlike many other simple games, it features real graphics, has an in-game shop, and saves high scores. The goal is to go as long as you can without crashing into an obstacle. Even with its features in mind, it still perplexed me why holiday games like this are made, and how they are able to compete with each other in this competitive market?

I reached out to a student who played the game. 

Q: How long have you been playing this game, and who showed it to you in the first place?

A: “I’ve been playing for a few weeks now. I don’t play as much as some of my friends do, and they were the ones who showed me the game in the first place.”

Q: Why do you think this game is so popular now? Is it because of the holiday season? Or is it because of something else?

A: “It’s because of the holiday season, but not in the way you think. I think it has to do with the fact that you can kill time, but also feel that holiday sense of connection with friends and family-especially since everyone is into these games.”

A stressed student. Credit: Adobe Stock

Many people, such as myself a few times, are guilty of playing unblocked games on their school computer. The school takes a hardline stance on this topic, claiming that school devices are a privilege and not to be misused. Yet the unblocked games addiction is, in many ways, a place where students can relax. In a new digital era, sometimes we must adapt to the trend. Reading may be a source of calm for some students, but for others video games are. In fact, video gamesin moderation- can have benefits such as better hand-to-eye coordination.

In conclusion, the holiday games genre craze is a result of a source of comfort more than the timing. The ability to compete and talk with your friends brings a sort of social connection, especially needed now that finals have come. While games like these will at some point die out, the greater debate over adolescents’ mental health still stands.

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About the Contributor
Aarush Parikh
Aarush Parikh, Staff Writer
Aarush is a Staff Writer for Wredling's very own newspaper, The Wred Feather. This is his first year in the club and he has always dreamt of dabbling in journalism. He has extensive writing experience and loves to read, code, play piano and relax.

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  • M

    Mr. LoverskyJan 3, 2024 at 11:36 am

    Good article, Aarush. I like the way you look at the other side of the argument, especially as we look at kids’ mental health.

  • N

    NOT Ms. MalhanDec 22, 2023 at 6:37 pm

    This “Ms. Malhan” sounds very interesting. Perhaps she has potential as an e-sports MVP?

  • H

    Haileigh PrillDec 21, 2023 at 9:51 pm

    Wow, I never knew the science of this was so interesting, let alone did I know that there was science behind it. I have to confess that I also play games while I’m supposed to be doing work. Who doesn’t get bored and that’s the only fun thing to do? Great Article!!!

    • E

      Emily ManionDec 23, 2023 at 8:14 am

      I think the same!!!!!!!