When do you put up your Christmas Decorations?

Everyone is excited for the holidays, but when should you put up Christmas decorations?
Christmas tree
Christmas tree

Imagine that you are drinking hot chocolate and it is forecast for snow tomorrow. You take your winter coat out of the closet. But saving the best for last, the Christmas trees come out, along with your many other decorations. Stockings over the fireplace, lights on the trees, and a wreath on the door. Putting up decorations makes a home feel like Christmas, leaving the fall behind. But when is the correct time to do so?


Some people say that Christmas decorations should be put up right after Halloween, while some say after Thanksgiving, and some just wait until December 1st. But what are the benefits of different times?

Putting up decorations right after Halloween means you don’t have to wait and enjoy the Christmas decorations for almost two months. There aren’t really Thanksgiving decorations, so it’s not like you’re skipping a holiday by putting up decorations after Halloween. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy Christmas earlier? Scientifically, putting up your decorations makes people happy, and you would get to enjoy that happiness earlier.

After Thanksgiving is a great time, you get to enjoy Thanksgiving in peace, then shortly after get to enjoy Christmas decorations. Just right in the middle. It doesn’t feel too early like right after Halloween, the tree might ruin the atmosphere of your turkey dinner. It doesn’t feel too late like around Christmas time, when the change can seem rather abrupt.

Closer to Christmas is also an option. Most people who pick this option often decorate on December 1st or December 12th. This might feel too late for some people, but I think it would be fun to wait to put up decorations, because then when you put them up, it feels more magical. After all, you waited so long to decorate. Putting up decorations at this time also aligns with the advent calendar.


After Halloween, After Thanksgiving, or near Christmas, it doesn’t matter when you put up Christmas decorations as long as you have fun doing it, and your house looks amazing afterward. But if you had to pick, when do you believe is the best time to put up decorations?

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When do you put up your Christmas Decorations?


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    Rionna JeffreyDec 21, 2023 at 3:51 pm

    Very interesting! I love the science aspects.